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Feelsy pots for feelsy people

Our names are Kevin and Emma Giovanni. We are a husband and wife team located in Washington, NJ.

Emma, previously known as Emma Rimi, is an artist who has her bachelors of fine arts concentrating in clay. She puts her heart and soul into every creation she makes. Emma has many different styles and there is something for everyone to enjoy. She makes hand built and drawn "therapy pieces" which has positive and fun sayings or expressions.

So, when they are available go grab a "We all lose it sometimes" or a "I'm a lush garden" Coffee Mug to start your day off right!

Kevin is a thinker and comes from the automotive world and is a new artist at Heart Beet Studios. He is also a NJ real estate agent.

We have different art for all different kinds of souls. Check out our Leaf Line for earthy tones and unique ceramic pieces that are totally one of a kind. Each piece has real leaf impressions during the creation. Every piece is handmade with love and care. We also have fun whimsical pieces that are hand drawn.