Studio Cats

Studio Cats

We love to bring our cats to the studio and they love to get dusty with us!

Hey! This is our first blog post of many on our web app!

We just wanted to start off by introducing ourselves and our very special cats. Our studio family includes Kevin, Emma, Snoop and Puff!

Emma in front of her bowls

Emma is the founder and creative art mastermind behind Heart Beet Studios. When Emma is not in the studio creating pottery. She loves to draw, cook, hang out with her fur children, hike, play guitar, eat snacks/ relax, travel, and have couch time with our cats.

Kevin joined Heart Beet Studios in 2022. He's an Automotive Master Tech, NJ Real Estate Agent, Coder and now artist. He is currently learning his way around the studio. He likes to fix things, tinker with things, be in the sun, pet cats/dogs, and continually learn and grow.

Snoop and Puff come to the studio with us. I would separate them into their own sections but they are inseparable! They do everything together and love playing, snuggling or wrestling each other. Snoop gravitates towards Kevin and Puff stays close to Emma. If you find a paw print on your order you know where it came from!


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